Travel Insurance/Medical Emergencies and numbers

Suzy Rhodes Wed, 08/27/2014 - 12:10

What company should you go with? What type of insurance do you need?

Travel Insurance:

Depending on the type of person you are, insurance is a must or you take a chance and don’t buy it. I have never bought travel insurance personally and have never needed it, so far. But it’s always good to know your options and what you’re getting into. Travel insurance can be good for peace of mind as it can cover missed flights, lost baggage, theft, accidents, illness, even getting your body home if you die. Heaven forbid! All insurances can vary depending on price of ticket and airline, your age and health, your travel destination, the value of your luggage, even current coverage from credit cards, medical insurance and homeowners insurance.

A good company to go with…so I’m told is Travelex or Travel Guard as they offer comprehensive packages including medical and baggage and will take care of you no matter what other type of insurance you have. Some travel insurance can run you up to 10% of your flight ticket and your baggage is already covered by the airline. Insurance for trip cancellation could be the best option if you or a family member has ill health and you question that area, but you might want to check with your credit card first to see if they offer some kind of insurance when you purchase the ticket. Also, check with your medical insurer to see what they cover overseas before you look into medical insurance. (Medicare does not cover overseas). If you have to visit a doctor you will most likely pay upfront so keep receipts and paperwork to get reimbursed and call your insurance company while on your trip so they are aware of the situation.

Medical Emergencies

In emergency situations and overnight stays, the hospital will most likely deal with your travel insurance and not your personal insurance. If you only have your primary medical insurer you will probably have to pay up front and get reimbursed....keep all receipts.

Emergency Numbers: Police Fire and Ambulance

Britain: 999 A&E (Accident and Emergency - equivalent to ER)

Ireland and Northern Ireland: 999 or 112

For the rest of Europe: 112 You cannot call 112 on your mobile/cell phone without a SIM card.


Securing those stuff are very important. thanks for your attention.