Besides my family, I have three passions in life – Traveling, Photography and Writing. So…I decided to combine all three ingredients into a melting pot and voila! I proudly cooked up a delicious recipe for European travel with lots of ongoing spices that give other likely travelers a tip or two.

Born and raised in England, and married to an American, we have traveled the world with our five children for 22 years. Europe, being our favorite place to live, keeps calling me back. We spent 6 years in Stuttgart, Germany and our children still call it home! When asked, “Where are you from?” they reply "Stuttgart, Germany!"  As for me, I say England, but Germany feels like home too.

When I met my husband Steve, at a church dance in England, (he was over for work/business) I was amazed at how much he absorbed History. He could feel it, see it, hear it, smell it and dare I say ‘taste it’. Being in England, he was in his elements. At every museum, at every castle, he would take hours reading and was always captivated by its history. It drove me nuts! I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but now….. I love it! He’s my walking encyclopedia….or more up to date terms, he’s my Google guy.

There is nothing quite like Europe. Whether you are visiting for the first time or the hundredth time you will be enthralled and taken away in the beauty of its Alps, the atmosphere of its cities, the charming lakes and steepled Hamlets, plus the quilted fields and cobbled stone fishing villages. Before you know it you’ll be immersed in its rich history, satisfying those taste buds with its varied cultured food and mingling with all kinds of diverse people.

Thanks to my son Ryan and his computer skills, my website and blog are now underway to help those European travel bugs, like you, be in the scoop! Stop by the RHODESIDE and learn more tips of getting around Europe and who knows you may find some hidden place or two that the average person never sees.

Bon Voyage!

Suzy Rhodes


Amazing website and blog Suzy!!!! I love that we use to talk about this blog coming to pass on our weekly trips to the temple...look at you now...you go girl. This site is wonderfully written and perfectly laid out!!! I love it!!!!

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Yes, we have spent many hours talking about this blog, so glad it's up and running finally. I'm very happy to see that you like it, that I have your approval :-) Thanks for the support girlfriend!