That Red Telephone Box… It’s calling you, so take that photo!

Suzy Rhodes Tue, 07/21/2015 - 21:16


The iconic red telephone box is something I took for granted growing up.  They were everywhere and used quite often.  Of course, with everyone owning a mobile phone nowadays, including little 8 year old Johnny, there really is no use for the telephone boxes anymore.  It will be a sad day if they take them all away.  They truly have become almost like a symbol for this nation and very popular with tourists, that I’d imagine they wouldn’t take ALL of them away!  In actual fact, they are beginning to make use of them in other very creative ways…it’s almost like they have new callings now.  But I’ll get to that later…

Red Telephone Box

When my daughter took a trip back to Britain a few years ago I was surprised at how many photos she took of the red boxes and I didn’t quite understand the craze.  When I went home a year later, I took her advice and took some pictures of the red telephone boxes but didn’t take nearly as many as she did.

Red Telephone Box


Red Telephone Box

I think my family thought we were crazy! It’s not really something they would think of taking pictures of – of course; it’s not really a novelty to them. 

Just look at some of these photos my daughter took throughout Britain. 

Red Telephone Box


Red Telephone Box

Clever one here in Cambridge with all the bikes lined up too!

Red Telephone Box

Red Telephone Box

Red Telephone Box

I think the locals must have thought she was some weird tourist.  It’s amazing what we take photos of when we’re tourists in another country, there are definitely things that the locals would never dream of taking, and yet here we are snapping away like it’s something from outer space!

We just HAVE to have that photo of us in front of the ‘Mind the Gap’ sign.

Mind the Gap

Or that letter box that’s in the wall.  Why not?  It’s not something we see every day back in America – it’s unique!

Letter  Box

But really, over the years the red telephone box has become a nostalgic attraction to those of us who have left their homeland.  I didn’t realize how much I’d miss seeing things like this, but when you’re away from it they become a part of who you are and where you’re from.  It’s home! It’s full of memories! So yes, when I was back home I took a photo of that famous telephone box that sits in the shadows of Big Ben.

Red Telephone Box


I even got a shot of me - I've become a tourist in my own country. What will my family think of me?

Red Telephone Box

I even found myself taking pictures of odd things that even my brother laughed at me when I took photos in London.  Soon he joined in the fun and began pointing things out to me that might be ‘typically British’ for a good photo.  I think he began to have eyes like me for the day, instead of being a local. For instance, he pointed out the London Cabs and told me to take this photo.  I think he quite enjoyed it.

London Cabs


And he even suggested I take this photo - with a lot of waiting for no people to be in this photo.

Red Telephone Box

Now that I’ve looked at other photos online of these telephone boxes, I have a good idea for photos next time I go home. Just look at these beauties.

Red Telephone Box

Red Telephone Box

Red Telephone Box

Red Telephone Box

Red Telephone Boxes

Do you find yourself taking photos of telephone boxes like us?

Communities remain very much attached to their red telephone boxes, and many have taken action to save them as BT decommissions some 2,000 kiosks nationwide. The telephone boxes are starting to find new callings – even the ones that are still standing are being turned into things like:

Mini-Library (a village book exchange)

Wi-Fi Hot Spots

SolarBox - to charge mobile phones


Shoe Shine Stands 

Sweet Shop

Coffee Shop

A Heart Defibrillator

Art Gallery

Ale House

Life-Saving Heart Equipment/Medical Emergency Supplies

Local IT Center

Now that’s thinking out of the box!

What type of photos do you take while on vacation?

And…do you collect items like this?

They've become great souvenirs too.

Red Telephone Box

Here’s an interesting read about what villages and towns have done with their red telephone box!

NOTE:  It is NEVER called a ‘phone booth’!